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Email markup tags

When setting up email messages in workflow, or generating bulk email messages, you can use email markup tags to change the appearance of text, include web links, etc

The following codes are currently available:

  • [b]text[/b] = makes the text bold
  • [i]text[/i] = makes the text italic
  • [u]text[/u] = makes the text underlined
  • []weblink[/url] = link to external website (opens in current page)
  • []weblink[/ext_url] = link to external website (opens in new page)
  • []name[/email] = link to email address
  • [color=red]red text[/color] = sets the colour of text
  • [center]text[/center] = centres the text
  • [HEAD]text[/HEAD] = makes the text headline size
  • [SUBHEAD]text[/SUBHEAD] = makes the text sub-headline size
  • [big]text[/big] = makes the text big
  • [small]text[/small] = makes the text small
  • [] = includes the image given by the url
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