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Dynamic links allow you to send emails to users which include information contained in the form (eg the applicant's name) as well as an encrypted URL allowing them to provide information back to CuForms. Because the link includes an encrypted token, only the person receiving the email can use the link.


Simple field substitution

[First Names]

This does a simple substitution with the field in the form that has a matching description

Link to new pre-populated form

[ENCRYPTED_EMAIL?url=[FIELD?name=ID]&validfor=2&htmltype=html5&source_article_form_admin_audit_id=[FIELD?name=AuditRef]&make_pdf=true&link=Simply follow this link]

This generates the following link (where the current form ID is 17309:

<a href=>Simply follow this link</a>

This URL will open Form ID 534 and attempt to populate it from the data already stored in the Form Ref 17309, matching column names where possible. The following special key-value pair is available:
validfor=2 - number of days the email remains valid - after this time, the email will produce an error message

[FIELD?name=ID] substitutes a field from the source form - in addition to ID, AuditRef is also available, which is the current entry in the audit table. If AuditRef is set, the form will generate an error if the source data is changed, thereby creating a new audit record

[FIELD?name=Ref] substitutes the Application Reference in the form CC/FF/seq - where CC is the Client Prefix (for client 000 in Accounts), FF is the Form Prefix (set in EDIT FORM SUMMARY) and seq is the numerical sequence number of the application.

make_pdf=true - if this is set, the new form will generate a PDF and email it to the customer - particular relevant for credit agreements.

Client information substitution

If you are using multi-client features, you can include client-specific information in your emails by using [CLIENTVALUE:field] (eg [CLIENTVALUE:phone] would be replaced by the phone number of the client organisation).

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