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The dashboard screen alerts the user to forms of all types which fit specific status patterns - eg newly submitted forms.

The status definitions are set from the EDIT FORM SUMMARY screen within the Manage Forms menu.

The current status types (with default warning/breach periods in brackets) are:

  • New form (30m/90m)
  • Pending next action (30m/60m)
  • Pending internal review (60m/90m)
  • Waiting on user (24h/48h)
  • Waiting on 3rd party (24h/48h)
  • Rejected
  • Withdrawn
  • Completed
Time tracking

cuForms keeps track of how long forms stay at each stage of processing, and this is shown in the “Age” column on the dashboard. Forms are colour-coded to show at a glance which forms need attention to ensure speedy processing.

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