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Building Forms

Users with Manage Forms permission can create and edit forms with a unique reference ID that will be linked with the runform url for example document form reference 566 will link to a membership application form:

To create a new form select 'start a new form'. This will open the form summary page and allow you set the parameters for the form

Form functions allow you to define the type of document you are building

  • Standard Article - a simple page (similar to a webpage) containing text, images and tables
  • Standard Form - a form for customers to complete
  • Order Form (with monetary values) - like a Standard Form, but allowing you to include products with set pricing (eg white goods)

The standard form creates user input segments as well as text information. So you may want to describe an action with a short text description followed by a user input field. For example:

Text to display: 'What is your marital status'

Input field: would be a dropdown list the form user would select for the answer


You can setup an email receipt for forms submitted to prompt you that someone has submitted a form

The form can create a workflow. Details of the workflow are in using workflow

Font size, type and background colour can also be configured

Once the basic form has been established the next step is to create document segments

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