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Library fields

You can give the fields in your forms whatever names you like, but in order to carry out standard calculations and other tasks, we need to be more precise.

Whenever you plan to use the contents of a field in a calculation, set the LIB attribute in the special treatment box. For example, for monthly interest use LIB=monthly_interest.

This will allow you to use workflow automation tasks, such as CALL=calculate_repayments, and cuForms will know where to find the information it needs.

Fields marked [PD] will be treated as personal data when applying data retention rules (ie these fields will be deleted, while the rest of the form data is retained).

Information relating to credit reference searches and ID and verification searches [marked PDS] are treated as sensitive personal data and redacted 3 months after the customer completes their application form (you can change the default retention periods in account admin).

Here is the current list of library field names:

Person fields

  • org_name – organisation name (text)
  • person_title – Mr, Mrs, etc (text)
  • person_first_names [PD] – the first name or names of a person (text)
  • person_other_names [PD] – the middle name(s) of a person (text)
  • person_last_name [PD] – the last name of a person (text)
  • person_email [PD] – the email address of a person (text in email format)
  • person_phone [PD] – the phone number of a person (text)
  • person_dob [PD - delete all but year] – the date of birth of a person (dd/mm/yyyy or yyyy-mm-dd)
  • person_nino [PD] - the national insurance number of a person (text)
  • person_member_id [PD] - the backoffice membership number of a person (text)
  • person_bank_account_no [PD] - the applicant's bank account number (99999999)
  • person_bank_sort_code [PD] - the applicant's sort code (999999)
  • person_bank_dd_reference [PD] - the applicants Direct Debit Reference Number (34567PYM)
  • person_passport_line1 [PDS] - the first machine-readable line of passport (text)
  • person_passport_line2 [PDS] - the second machine-readable line of passport (text)
  • person_passport_expiry [PDS] - the applicant's passport expiry date (dd/mm/yyyy or yyyy-mm-dd)
  • person_driving_license [PDS] - the applicant's driving licence number (text)

Savings fields

  • savings_method - eg SALARY,DD,SO,CASH
  • savings_amount - (decimal number with or without leading £)
  • savings_balance - (decimal number with or without leading £)
  • savings_status - (setup workflow status]

Address fields

  • address_house_number [PD] - the number or name of a house (text)
  • address_line1 [PD] (text)
  • address_line2 [PD] (text)
  • address_line3 [PD] (text)
  • address_town (text)
  • address_county (text)
  • address_country (text)
  • address_postcode [PD - first part retained, second part deleted](text)
  • address_client - the credit union or other client matched to this address (text)
  • address_company (text - this has to be included if using the SPLGetFullAddressData form function)
  • address_common_bond (text - this is required to test supplied postcode against the commmon bond - the test will be applied only when the selected value in this field contains the phrase “I live”)

Previous address fields

  • address_prev_house_number [PD] - the number or name of a house (text)
  • address_prev_postcode [PD](text)

Loan fields

  • loan_amount – amount of loan (whole number with or without leading £)
  • loan_term – loan term in months (whole number with or without training “month” or “months”)
  • loan_monthly_interest – monthly interest rate (decimal number with or without trailing %)
  • loan_apr - annual APR rounded to 1 decimal place with or without %)
  • loan_repayment_amount – repayment amount (decimal number with or without leading £)
  • loan_repayment_frequency - (optional) WEEKLY, FORTNIGHTLY, 4 WEEKLY, MONTHLY - defaults to MONTHLY if not set
  • loan_total_repayable – total repayable (decimal number with or without leading £)
  • loan_interest_amount - interest amount (decimal number with or without leading £)
  • loan_first_repayment_date - first repayment date (yyyy-mm-dd)
  • loan_purpose - (text)
  • loan_current_balance (optional) – existing balance if any on account prior to loan (decimal number with or without leading £)
  • loan_combined_amount (optional) – amount of total loan including existing balance (decimal number with or without leading £)
  • loan_id - ID assigned by back-office system (integer)

Note: the optional fields loan_new_amount and loan_current_balance should be used where new borrowing is being added to existing borrowing, and combined to commence a new loan for the total amount. In this case all three fields must be present, and loan_amount (usually setup as a hidden field and therefore empty) will be set to loan_new_amount + loan_current_balance during execution of the calculate_repayments function.

API fields

  • api_focus_system_interest – interest rate required for FOCUS API (decimal number)

Affordability fields

  • afford_housing - housing type ('Rented', 'Mortgaged' or 'Owned outright')
  • afford_income_monthly - monthly income amount (decimal number with or without leading £)
  • afford_current_debt - total current debt (decimal number with or without leading £)
  • afford_debt_costs_monthly - current monthly repayments (decimal number with or without leading £)
  • afford_deps_older - number of people in household over 14 - including applicant (whole number - 1 or above)
  • afford_deps_younger - number of people in household under 14 (whole number or zero)
  • afford_monthly_expenses - calculated monthly expenses based on NSO data and including debt repayments (decimal number)
  • afford_monthly_income_net - calculated monthly disposable income (decimal number)
  • afford_new_debt_spend_pc_income_net - repayments on proposed loan as a % of disposable income (decimal number)
  • afford_debt_spend_pc_income - total debt repayments (including proposed loan) as a % of total monthly income (decimal number)
  • afford_debt_pc_income - total debt amount (including proposed loan) as a % of total annual income (decimal number)
  • afford_result - details of full affordability calculation (long text field)

Credit control fields

The credit control feature uses the standard loan, person and address library fields, and the following additional fields:

  • cc_action – the next action recommended by the module logic
  • cc_override – optional user override
  • cc_balance - actual loan balance at today's date
  • cc_opened - the loan start date (yyyy-mm-dd)
  • cc_arrears - loan arrears calculated at today's date
  • cc_last_paid - last actual payment date (yyyy-mm-dd)
  • cc_process - trigger field to run credit control on Ready
  • cc_escalation - most recent escalation action
  • cc_escalation_date - date of most recent escalation action (yyyy-mm-dd)

There are a number of library fields associated with the processing of automated tasks, and these are listed in the section on workflow automation tasks.

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