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Document segments

Forms are built using segments for each action you want the user to perform. So when planning a document picture how you want the user to see the form. A basic form would contain:

  • Text - Text to be displayed on the form, eg completion instructions the the applicant. Where multi-client features are enabled, client-specific information can be substituted into the text.
  • User Input: Text - The form user would input details into the for such as their name. User input text covers a single line however there is also the option to add long text.
  • User Input: Checkbox - This is a single line checkbox that will return a result dependant on the condition set. ie: Tick the box if you own a car. When ticked the form would place a Y as an answer
  • User Input: Multi-Checkbox - This allows for multiple answers to be provided
  • User Input: Select from list - The form will provide a range of options where one answer is selected from a list
  • User Input: Upload evidence - The form will allow the user to upload a file - allowable formats can be specified using the following list(image = jpg,gif,png)
  • User Input: Submit Button - A button for the user to submit the form (don't use “Confirm” as the button name, or the form will not submit correctly at the confirmation stage)

Examples of the segments are here

Confirmation segments

There are two sets of special segments which will not display on the form, but contain text that will be displayed to the user on completion, or sent to the user by email.

These are defined as “Text” segments, but have the “special treatment” values CONFIRM (for the onscreen confirmation message - see below for real-time decision variants) or CONFIRM_EMAIL (for the email confirmation).

For the email confirmation message to work, the user must have entered their email address into the form, and this value must be stored in “General Form Details: Email”. If the email address is missing or stored in a different field, email confirmations will not work.

[due in release 5.4 March 2017] In addition to the simple CONFIRM message, the following messages are available to support real-time decision-making:

  • CONFIRM_WAIT - “please wait” holding message pending real-time decision
  • CONFIRM_PASS - “application successful” message following real-time decision
  • CONFIRM_DECLINE - “application unsuccessful” message following real-time decision
  • CONFIRM_REFER - “application referred” message following real-time decision
  • CONFIRM_TIMEOUT - “application decision incomplete” message following real-time decision

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