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Draft forms and A/B testing

1. Draft and live forms

When you want to change a form, you can now edit a “draft” version of the new form until you're happy with it, and only then “publish” it as a new live form. You can also set the new form to take effect on a given future date.

2. Alternate forms (A/B testing)

Sometimes, you may want to have more than one version of a form in use at the same time, often selecting between the alternate versions at random. This allows you to see how the different characteristics of the alternate versions affect user behaviour.

Using the features

In the Manage Forms screen, there is a new Versions column, which will show the current live version of the form, along with any draft in progress and all active alternate forms. The form editor is launched by clicking on the appropriate version link.

When saving a form, the following new buttons are available in the EDIT FORM SUMMARY screen depend on the version type:

a) LIVE forms

  • SAVE COPY AS ALTERNATE - create an ALTERNATE copy of this form
  • SAVE COPY AS DRAFT - create a DRAFT copy of this form (not available where a DRAFT already exists)

b) DRAFT forms

  • PUBLISH AS LIVE - make this form the new LIVE form and retire all other DRAFT and ALTERNATE forms
  • PUBLISH AS ALTERNATE - upgrade this form to a current ALTERNATE form

c) ALTERNATE forms

  • REPLACE LIVE - make this form the new LIVE form and retire all other DRAFT and ALTERNATE forms

Live and alt forms become available immediately, or on some future date, depending on the “Publish on” and “Archive on” dates in the form summary.

Draft forms remain unavailable until “published”.

When publishing an alt form, you have the option of choosing a ratio that the form will be served to any given user. If no probability is set, the alt form will only be served if the alt version no is used in the URL (eg article_id=x&v=34).

This ratio is set in EDIT FORM SUMMARY as Use Ratio, and is a decimal between 0 and 1 - where 0 will result in the alternate never being served, and 1 will result in it always being served.

Workflow Manager

In Workflow Manager, changes to the form structure (eg new columns, changed column options) will be applied as soon as a new LIVE form is published - ie the form definition from the current LIVE form will always be used. This is also true for the behaviour of the dashboard, automated processes, etc… the current LIVE form always dictates behaviour. ALT forms can have different appearances, but not different behaviour.

The only exception to this is where email or text messages are generated from the form (eg acknowledgement messages), which will use the ALT version is applicable, but will otherwise use the current LIVE version.

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