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Summary of changes in each release

Version 6.9 (due October-2018)

  • Check postcode against common bond

Version 6.8 (due July-2018)

  • Encryption of sensitive personal data (credit searches, etc)

Version 6.1 (June-2017)

  • New refresh selection on dashboard
  • Support for real-time decision confirmations

Version 6.0 (May-2017)

  • Improvements to look at feel
  • New menu structure
  • New trade body account type and templates
  • New application reference (unique within account/form)

Version 5.5 (April-2017)

  • Improvements to vulnerability testing

Version 5.4 (1 April-2017)

  • Reply-to email addresses can be set in Account Admin
  • New global search box added to dashboard
  • New “mine” filter on dashboard
  • Auto-pop-up new forms from dashboard
  • Fixed problems with multiple audit records when PDFs fail

Version 5.3 (28-February-2017)

  • Support for address pick-list in postcode lookup
  • Take and give up task ownership direct from dashboard

Version 5.2.1 (22-February-2017)

  • Fixed various issues in FOCUS API

Version 5.2 (7-February-2017)

  • Increase size of special treatment field
  • Ignore change of ownership on dashboard
  • Fixed bug where blank previous address caused credit search to fail

Version 5.1 (20-December-2016)

  • New “Check PDF” automation task to highlight PDF creation failures
  • Lookup NoMatch automation task

Version 5.0 (3-December-2016)

  • Single page application view, incorporating workflow, form and audit trail
  • Improve look and feel for Workflow Manager, User Management and Account Administration
  • Hide columns option in Workflow Manager
  • Lookup Match automation task
  • Client-side image compression
  • Improvements to confirm application screen
  • Improvements to form editor

Version 4.2.2 (30-November-2016)

  • Dashboard sort order can be selected by user

Version 4.2.1 (24-November-2016)

  • Dashboard sort order changed to submission date (ascending)
  • Minor bug-fixes

Version 4.2 (12-October 2016)

  • Improve display of ID&V questions
  • Remove “mine” option from dashboard
  • Allow “force to proper case” on form inputs
  • Support for A/B testing
  • Include PDF links on calling form
  • Misc clean-up tasks

Version 4.1 (8-September 2016)

  • New read-only role setting
  • Allow checkboxes to be made mandatory (ie user must check)
  • Allow for weekly and fortnightly repayments
  • Maintain audit trail for deleted forms and users
  • Pre-set expiry date for user accounts (eg for short term cover)

Version 4.0 (2-August-2016)

Version 3.15 (3-July-2016)

  • Include images in bulk email messages
  • Repayment calculation button available for application forms
  • New credit search feature to test total unique days on which credit check performed
  • Client detail editor added to Account Administration screen
  • Fixed problem with PDF creation
  • Fixed problem with password resets in test environments
  • Improve system email delivery speed

Version 3.14 (31-May-2016)

  • Two-factor authentication for admin users
  • Data retention rules added
  • Existing balance field added

Version 3.13 (30-April-2016)

  • New credit search fields added
  • Bank account validation added (report only, no decision making)
  • Bulk mailshot emails lower priority v operation emails
  • Prevent unauthorised third parties using our postcode lookup function
  • Provide backward compatibility for postcode lookup special treatment formatting
  • Define target backoffice server in account admin screen

Version 3.12 (7-April-2016)

  • Unlock user from User Management screen
  • Allow users to upload images on forms

Version 3.11 (29-February-2016)

  • Allow email notifications from workflows to a client-specific admin address
  • Automated ID&V checks
  • Generate PDFs for non-loan agreements
  • Various security updates

Version 3.10 (31-January-2016)

  • Allow sub-clients to have their own call credit credentials
  • Prevent error message where browser adds <BR> tag to textarea form fields
  • Allow suspension of background processes (SUSPEND_ROBOT)

Version 3.9 (9-January-2016)

  • Added google analytics tracking
  • Pre-populate forms from back-office system link
  • Improvements to bulk file upload (patch released 5-Dec)

Version 3.8 (2-December-2015)

  • New bulk file upload feature (Manage Uploads)
  • BUGFIX - workflow screens not updating with > 150 rows (patch released 16-Nov)
  • BUGFIX - password reset link expiring immediately (patch released 19-Nov)

Version 3.7 (no release)

  • No release

Version 3.6 (4-October-2015)

  • CallValidate ID&V API
  • Switch Organisation menu option (see FAQs page for troubleshooting)

Version 3.5.1 (12-September-2015)

  • BUGFIX - PDF credit agreements not being created in live environment
  • BUGFIX - Country field not being update in LIVE after postcode search

Version 3.5 (31-August-2015)

  • WHEN conditions available for options in workflow design
  • New credit_check_refer automation task

Version 3.4 (31-July-2015)

  • CallCredit integration available
  • New date validation (allow x days in the past/future)
  • Show user-defined favicons and logos on forms

Version 3.3 (27-June-2015)

  • new CALL and LIB special treatment attributes for process automation
  • show hidden fields when reviewing forms in workflow manager
  • allow FOCUS API users to set next account number
  • new background process: affordability_assessment
  • new upload facility (to load static data, etc)

Version 3.2 (30-May-2015)

  • improved appearance of admin pages
  • new admin menu and navigation
  • new background process manager for process automation

Version 3.1 (18-May-2015)

  • FOCUS API (test version)
  • automated account set up for new customers
  • new robot to execute API calls and other background activities
  • new account management function

Version 3.0.2 (15-May-2015 - bugfix)

  • provide start and finish dates for forms
  • fixed error on html5 forms with multi-choice options
  • remove html5 required attribute for mandatory fields

Version 3.0.1 (11-May-2015 - bugfix)

  • fixed errors related to migration from to

Version 3.0 (11-May-2015)

  • Migration of code to
  • Only minor functional changes
  • env does not display in LIVE

Version 2.6 (02-May-2015)

  • Support for HTML5 responsive forms
  • Fixes minor bug in Document Editor to show all segment types in table
  • Added support for various HTML5 (and HTML4) features - including better display of input types and pre-submit validation of mandatory fields
  • Bugfix - stop returning double lines for postcode lookup
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