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Multi-Client Features

Credit Unions working with partners (such as social housing providers) can allow partners access to forms that relate to their customers, and permit them to participate in workflows for those customers.

Client users are set up in User Management. Where multi-client features have been enabled, a client setting is required. This can be set to “All” for credit union users who should have access to forms relating to all applicants, or to the relevant partner for users who should have access only to forms relating to their own customers.

Users restricted to a single client will have access only to forms containing a client field, denoted by the special treatment value “LIB=address_client”. The value of this field will determine which forms a user can access in the Workflow Manager.

Setting a client admin email address for workflow notifications

When using multi-client features, you may send automated notification emails to a client-specific admin email address from workflows by selecting “Client” from the TO or CC dropdowns.

Where set, this will use the CLIENTVALUE:admin_email lookup - otherwise the standard admin email address will be used.

Substituting client information in form text

When using multi-client features, you may wish to present client-specific information in your forms - for example in a credit agreement. Where any form is linked to a source form including the client field (eg where a credit agreement is linked to an application), client-specific information can be included in text segments by using the substitution format: [CLIENTVALUE:field] - for example [CLIENTVALUE:phone] would be replaced by the phone number of the client organisation.

Where forms are not linked to a source form, the client can be set in the form URL, using the value pair clientcode=999 - eg

In both cases, if the value of any field in the new form with the special treatment value “LIB=address_client” will be set to the appropriate client.

Client-specific substitutions can also be made using dynamic links in workflow emails.

nb - the special treatment value “ADDRESS_LOOKUP_CLIENT” will also be recognised for backward compatibility with older workflows.

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